Eggs Are Bad Food - Take eggs out of your diet.
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Eggs Are Bad Food - Take eggs out of your diet.

Eggs are one of the top ten allergenic foods, along with poultry, milk and dairy, peanuts, citrus fruit, and Nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers). A medium egg has 250 mg of artery-clogging cholesterol. Eggs have 64% saturated fat calories. Americans eat a whopping 250 eggs every year on average. Eggs are a major staple of our diet. The United Egg Producers Association makes sure you hear lots of propaganda about how, “eggs are good for you”. Some people call themselves "vegetarians", but eat eggs. Since when do eggs grow on trees? Eggs are bad food folks, and they should not be in your diet. Eggs are as harmful as red meat. Charlatans like  Bruce West, Suzanne Somers, Joseph Mercola, Loren Cordain, Andy Weil, Al Sears, Steven Gundry, Josh Axe, William Davis, Stephen Sinatra, and the Weston Price and  Life Extension crowd will all tell you eggs are a wonderful food. They’re also  wrong about almost everything else they say. Do not eat egg whites either. Colin Campbell proved in his very good book, The China Study that animal proteins per se promote cancer and other diseases. Aside from the saturated fat and cholesterol, animal proteins promote disease.

What scientific, empirical proof do we have that eggs are bad for our health? Plenty of clinical studies from around the world in top medical journals.

21.275 doctors were studied in the Physicians Health Study (Circulation 117, 2008). Just eating one egg a day resulted in a dramatic increase in outright heart failure. This was adjusted for other factors, so the results are very objective. Eggs-for-breakfast is a long tradition in many countries.

At the University of Minnesota (same journal v. 149, 1999) 29,083 postmenopausal women were studied. "Consumption of eggs was also associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer" was their conclusion. This is almost 30,000 real women. American women have epidemic rates of breast, ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer. Eggs cause cancer.

At Centro di Oncologico in Italy (British Journal of Cancer v. 80, 1999) 1,491 men and women were studied for oral and throat cancer. "After allowance for education, smoking, alcohol and total energy intake, significant trends of increasing risk with increasing intake emerged for eggs, processed meats, cakes and desserts, and butter" they concluded. Eggs cause cancer.

The Japanese used to have very low rates of diabetes and cancer, especially colon cancer. As they Westernize their diet, and included meat, eggs, and dairy foods, this has all changed. At Aichi Cancer Research Center in Japan they said the rapidly rising rates of diabetes and colon cancer were closely associated with the increased consumption of meat, eggs and milk (Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention v. 5, 2004). Eggs cause cancer.

At the Hipple Cancer Research Center (Nutrition and Cancer v. 46, 2003)  they studied 34 dif-ferent countries for the relation of egg consumption to colon and rectal cancer rates.  This is 34 entire countries folks. They found "...egg consumption was associated with an increased risk of colon and rectal cancer."  They studied thirty-four different countries and proved egg consumpt-ion causes cancer. Epidemiological studies like this are very powerful. What can be clearer than this? Eggs cause cancer.

At the University of Queensland (Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers v. 11, 2002) ovarian cancer was clearly associated with egg consumption with 20 references. They compared healthy women with cancer patients. "There was a strong (note the word "strong") and significant dose-response relation between cholesterol from eggs and risk of ovarian cancer." Eggs cause cancer.

1 in 8 American women will get breast cancer. At Harvard University (International Journal of Epidemiology v. 31, 2002) the doctors found breast cancer to be clearly related to egg consumpt-ion studying 351,041 women. That is one third of one million women. This is right from Harvard folks. One third of a million women prove eating eggs causes cancer. Again at Harvard University (American Journal of Epidemiology v. 156, 2002) ovarian cancer was found to be clearly associated with egg consumption. " increase in risk with frequent intake of eggs was observ-ed." Right from Harvard folks. Eggs cause cancer.

Want more from Harvard? 21,327 doctors in the Physician’s Health Study over a 20 year period (American Journal of  Clinical Nutrition v. 87, 2008) found people died earlier from all cause mortality depending on how many eggs they ate. Just eating a mere one egg a day caused the worst mortality of 23% more overall deaths. Diabetics reacted twice as badly with almost 50% more overall deaths! You cannot argue with over 20,000 people over a 20 year period. Eggs cause overall mortality. The more eggs you eat the sooner you die. Also at Harvard in the same journal (v. 91, 2010) they proved egg consumption promoted prostate cancer. At Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford (International Journal of Cancer v 15, 1975)

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer in men. At the University of Illinois (Cancer Treatment Re-ports v. 61, 19977) prostate cancer patients were compared with healthy controls. The cancer patients ate far more eggs than the healthy men. They cancer patients also ate more red meat, cheese, margarine and milk.  At the famous Johns Hopkins University (American Journal of Epidemiology v. 120, 1984) the more eggs men ate the more prostate cancer they got. These results

were based on almost 100,000 person years. Even three eggs a week raised cancer rates a full 60%. At the University of Kentucky (American Journal of Epidemiology v 120, 1984) 6,735 mean proved eggs, milk, meat, and cheese all promoted prostate cancer. At Seoul National University ( Molecular Nutrition v 53, 2009) it was clearly demonstrated eggs, meat, and milk were strongly correlated with prostate cancer mortality. At Helen Diller Cancer Research 27,607 men were studied (Cancer Prevention Research Sept. 2011) for consumption of eggs. They found, " men who consumed 2.5 eggs or more per week had an 81% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer".

In Uruguay (European Journal of Cancer Prevention v. 10, 2001)  people with bladder cancer were studied. It was found that consumption of meat, salted meat, and eggs, "was associated with significant increased risk of bladder cancer." Eggs cause cancer.

In Finland 1,262 men and women were studied for egg consumption. The egg eaters were far more sickly. "Our findings suggest that regular consumption of eggs should be avoided..." (Atherosclerosis v. 224, 2012). The evidence shows eggs are bad food for any race or culture of people. At Beijing Cancer Research Institute in 2000 (Zhonghua Liu Xing v. 21, 2000) Breast cancer in Chinese women was found to be associated with obesity, intake of milk and dairy products, depression, dysmenhorhea, and eating eggs. Eggs cause cancer.

We can go on with studies like this all day with real people all over the world. The proof is in, and the facts show that eggs should not be a part of our diet. Eggs are bad food. Anytime you find some natural health "expert" advising you to eat eggs you know he or she is a fraud,  phony, poseur, and just plain stupid.  Take eggs out of your diet.

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