Dr. Steven Gundry Is an Idiot
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Dr. Steven Gundry Is an Idiot

Lets' be clear...Diet Evolution is just another rehash of the Atkins/Paleo/Ketogenic death diets. His second book The Plant Paradox is just as bad. These books are so boring and uninformative, so ­­­­­­full of trivia and useless information they are simply impossible to read! Yes, it's that bad. You just don't learn anything of value after reading them. Almost half of the Evolution book uses meal plans and recipes as filler. You do not eat any whole grains, beans, or even starchy vegetables. Instead, you eat endless amounts of meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, yogurt, and cheese. No milk though! No milk? The healthiest, ideal diet is based on whole grains, beans, and most vegetables. You can add fruits, nuts, salads, soups, and seafood for variety. Americans eat a mere 1% whole grains, yet Gundry claims it is grains- even whole grains- that are making us fat! He claims they contain "anti-nutrients". He says they "turn to sugar". He knows nothing about vital supplements. He knows nothing about natural hormone balance. He knows nothing about fasting. Actually, he knows nothing about natural health. Nutrition and lifestyle is not taught in any medical school. Medical doctors never study anything about natural health.

It would be a waste of time to write this article, but stupid people have been buying junk from him for six years now! Like Mike Lindell, he just won’t go away! He has been paying many millions of dollars for Internet popup ads since 2017. Yes, he’s conned people for 6 years now. The popups lead you to hour long windy, boring, empty, meaningless, uninformative videos with no time bar! He claims he is a “doctor to the stars”, and "people around the world wait six months for an appointment with him.” He’s delusional! He’s an allopathic heart surgeon who knows nothing about natural health, nor cares. He cares about MONEY! He’s just a slick third rate con man.

This guy defines “idiot”. He preaches about the "dangers" of lectins in your food. He claims they are toxic and poisonous. This is a preposterous claim. Lectins are just natural proteins that attach themselves to carbohydrates. The truth here is that high levels of lectins are found in the healthiest foods. Rice, wheat, barley, oats, rye and corn are chock full of lectins. Whole grains are the very staff of life.  Along with whole grains you'll find high lectin levels in healthy foods such as shellfish, carrots, chickpeas, cucumbers, kidney beans, leeks, lentils, shallots, peas, pumpkin, salmon, shallots, soybeans, squash, and sweet potatoes. Lectins are found abundantly in most all plant foods, and are meant to be there by nature. There is zero evidence to show that lectins are not good for us. Quite the opposite. He made all this up folks.

This is just another deadly meat-based Atkins/Paleo/Keto diet without milk. Yogurt and cheese are staples though. Go figure. He wants you to eat lots of meat, poultry, dairy products, and eggs, but- God forbid!- no whole grains or beans. He seriously wants you to consume an entire LITER of olive oil every week, like he does. He said, "The yolk of the egg may be the most beneficial food that was ever invented." That is prima facia insanity. He’s very big on stevia sweetened desserts. Stevia is NOT a healthy sugar substitute. (Read the Sugar Substitutes article.) He even has a stevia ice cream recipe.

The fact Dr. Oz praises him is the kiss of death. (Read Dr. Oz is in the Ozone.) He said, "Dr. Gundry has crafted a wise program with a powerful track record.” He pushes agave syrup, even though it is a simple sugar (fructose), and even worse than white sugar. Nightshades and tropical foods are fine with him. In his videos, however, he tells you never to eat tomatoes! Maybe his memory is gone. He says chocolate and cocoa good for you. Read the Chocolate is Deadly article. In his book he recommends soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and other soyfoods. In his videos, though, he says all soyfoods are horrible poisons that will kill you! He says wine, coffee, and caffeine are healthy. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world? Let’s add meth, oxy, and morphine. In his videos, however, he says caffeine is a toxic poison. This guy is terminally confused.

Epidemiological studies consistently prove that people who eat the most whole grains and beans live the longest- and are the healthiest. People who eat the most meat, poultry,  eggs, and dairy foods die the earliest- and are the sickest. The whole grain based macrobiotic diet is the only diet that will cure cancer, diabetes, heart and artery disease, and other illnesses. The Gundry diet will cause all manner of disease, and make you sickly.

He also preaches against phytates. The Internet is full of scare stories about the "dangers of phytates" in our food. Phytates are found in the healthiest foods, such as whole grains, beans, and nuts. You'll find about 1% phytates in whole grains and beans, and even more in nuts.

He promotes polyphenols as the Magic Answer to health and weight loss, but really knows nothing about them. "Polyphenols" is a meaningless term, as it is defined as, "a compound containing more than one phenolic hydroxyl group." There are over 8,000 known phenols. There are four main classes of polyphenols- stilbenes, lignans, flavonoids and phenolic acids. He doesn't even know this. High polyphenol content is found in such plants as cloves, bitter melon, pine bark, coffee, and regular (caffeinated) tea. They don't sound like good food choices. Some phenols are toxic and harmful.

He is a multi-millionaire, but claims he, “isn’t doing this for the money!” He just wants to "save the world." He claims to have a charitable foundation, but none is listed for him-anywhere on earth. What an anal orifice! This guy is an outright crook and a liar.

He sells crap to morons at extortionate prices. 10 of the 12 products are for a mere 30 days!!! To take his garbage 11 products (not Spot Remover) would cost you over $7,000 a year with no benefits!!! Our Supplements Over 40 package has 18 bottles with 46 vital supplements in the amounts you need. Only $75 a month.

Total Restore is $69.95 for 19 ingredients in miniscule, meaningless amounts (e.g. 7% of magnesium RDA). Costs about $5 to make.

Energy Renew is $74.95 for cheap ribose, more polyphenols and NAC. Costs about $6 to make.

Vital Reds is $69.95 and  more polyphenols, some dried fruit powder. and unrefrigerated acidophilus. Costs about $5 to make.

BioComplete is $69.95 for pre- and probiotics CoreBiome®, Pro-Dura®, and SunFiber®. Costs about $5 to make.

Poly Olive Oil is $26.95 for 8.5 ounces of olive oil. Can you believe this? Costs about $3 to make. Over $100 a quart for olive oil? Why isn’t he in prison?

ProPlant Shakes (plain and vanilla) are $69.96-5 for hemp seed protein. A mere 20 day supply. Costs about $5 to make.

Poly Dark Spot Remover is too ridiculous to discuss.  $120 for an unstated amount of skin cream. This has 38 useless ingredients in completely meaningless amounts. Why isn’t he in prison? Why would anyone on earth buy this crap? Costs about $6 to make.

PrebioThrive is $79.95 for FOS, flax seed, and gums. Costs about $5 to make.

MCT Wellness is $79.95 for useless medium chain triglyeride oils with worthless grape and current extracts. Costs about $5 to make.

Active Advantage for $69.95 has useless fulvic acid, vit E CoQ10 and worthless astaxanthin (read the Astaxanthin article). Costs about $5 to make.

MetabolicAdvanced is $69.95 for three minerals, cinnamon, berberine, curcumin, and black pepper. 60 doses. Costs about $5 to make.

He stopped selling Primal Plants at an incredible $99.99 for dried vegetable powder and unrefrigerated acidophilus. Lectin Shield (what a laugh!) was $79.95 for vegetable powders. Glucose Defense was ridiculous at $99.00 for three minerals (our All Your Minerals® has 17 minerals) and four useless plant extracts like cinnamon and black pepper. Worthless Olive Leaf Extract was $59.95. Plain old curcumin was $45.95 (ours is $9.95). How about  Heart Defense with cocoa powder, flax seeds, coffee fruit, and FOS for $85.95!!! All of these cost about $5 or less to produce.

The crook also sold three other useless skin creams at extortionate prices. Correct+Calm was $79. It contained tiger grass, myrrh, “peptide matrix”, and “bonicel” probiotic. Firm+Sculpt  was $120.00. It had “Progeline™”, cranberry oil, pomegranate, rose extract and hyaluronic acid. Reparative was $120.00. It had swertia, tea, collagen, grapevine, and wild yam. All these cost about less than $5 to produce.  None of them had any value at all. Just useless junk at insane prices.

The real question here are how in the heck does he find people stupid enough to buy this  hideously overpriced crap? How does he find people stupid enough to listen to his inane dietary advice? He bought his way to success with millions of dollars in Internet popup ads. He is laughing all the way to bank every day. Anyone who follows his toxic advice gets what they well deserve. The Royal Road to Success is to tell the sheeple what they want to hear. It’s that simple.

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