Dr. Oz is in the Ozone
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Dr. Oz is in the Ozone

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Turkish heart surgeon who has a very popular long running TV  show. His other two previous shows quickly failed miserably.. He purportedly promotes natural medicine. What a joke! He is only 63, but looks much older than that in person without TV makeup. He was looking so bad he had to get a facelift. He got his start on Oprah. It should be obvious that an allopathic Harvard-trained heart surgeon is anything but an authority on natural health. He now has a religious following of millions of low IQ bovine women (men don't watch his show). He has no idea in hell what he is talking about, but that seems to only increase his popularity. Go to www.drozexposed.com to learn more. Or just Google, "Dr. Oz Exposed" or "Dr. Oz is a Quack" to see dozens of such websites.

You know Dr. Oz is worthless when he pushes the worst possible garbage like acai berries, garcinia cambogia, green coffee beans, yacon syrup, 7-keto DHEA, CLA, safflower oil, hot pepper jelly, red palm oil, and raspberry ketones for weight loss. If these can help you lose weight why is his own wife "Shamu" from Seaworld hopelessly and chronically obese? He actually touts all of these and more as  Magic Weight Loss remedies. They are, in fact, worthless for anything. He touts a lot of other useless garbage as well. His main schtick is promoting Magic Weight Loss products. Or how about unckaloabo root to cure the common cold? Seriously, he did.

He has spent several shows telling people resveratrol is the Miracle of the Century for health and longevity. Resveratrol is also worthless. Read Resveratrol is Rubbish in our free library. No science at all behind resveratrol, even though it has been known about for over seventy years now. He pushes lycopene as well, even though it is worthless. Read the article Lycopene is Garbage. He loves aspirin, and says it is a wonderful health supplement. In fact, he swears taking aspirin will reduce your chances of getting prostate, colon, breast, ovarian, or esophageal cancers by a full 40%. A 40% reduction in cancer by taking aspirin! This man is nuts. Aspirin reduces cancer by 40%? My God!

He has written at least seven books. Actually Michael Rosizen has written the books, and Oz just put his name as co-author on the cover. You find out Oz is just another allopathic doctor who pushes drugs, chemo, radiation, and surgery, not natural cures. He says metformin is effective for treating diabetes. Metformin doesn't help diabetes, and actually makes your health worse. He suggests drinking lots of coffee, which he says cuts diabetes risk 25%. Wow, that's great. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Now we can all get jacked up on coffee every day and be healthier. I love this guy. Actually, coffee is a poison that wrecks your blood sugar and insulin levels. Read the articles Coffee is Making You Fat and Caffeine is Poison.  Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure to see how to cure diabetes naturally with diet and lifestyle.

If you can't sleep, he has some very easy answers. Just take Benadryl, Ambien, Lunesta, Rozeem, Sonata, Desyrel or Requip. Just drug yourself to sleep with expensive toxic poisons.  Did you know that sleep medications interfere with dreaming, and cause serious psychiatric problems? Interfering with dreaming disturbs your very sanity and mental balance. All this seems to escape him. Read the article Good Sleep.

As far as prostate disease, he says the PSA is a very accurate test. Funny, the inventor of the PSA test said it is worthless, and should not be used anymore. Many clinical studies show it is has no value and should be dropped.  Read the PSA Doesn't Work article. His answer to prostate disease is drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy. Isn't that wonderful? He loves finasteride (Proscar®). No one told him this causes 800% more prostate cancer. Please read my book The Natural Prostate Cure to see how to cure any prostate condition with diet and lifestyle, not toxic drugs, radiation, and surgery.

These poor, naive old cows are in real trouble following Dr. Oz. He loves horse estrogen and toxic progestins like Provera® (hormone replacement therapy or HRT). The last HRT study had to be stopped, since the women were coming down with so much cancer the doctors could not ethically continue. He actually claims horse estrogen and progestin (PremPro) reduces all cause mortality by 30%! He claims PremPro reduces heart attack death by 26%.  He tells women to take aspirin with their horse estrogen to get even better results. He is clueless about testing estrogens or any other hormone levels. He does not now about real natural transdermal progesterone. He's so stupid he suggests expensive oral (200 mg) prescription progesterone capsules(Prometrium®). Progesterone cannot be absorbed orally. You only get about 2% absorption in your blood. The other 98% is turned into unwanted and harmful metabolites. A $10 jar of over-the-counter progesterone cream will last for six months. For hot flashes he suggests the dangerous epilepsy drug gabapentin. Seriously, this is his answer. The side effects for gabapentin are frightening. We could go on with examples like this all day. Poison your way to health is his sermon.

He loves vaccines, too. In 2022 he is pushing the mRNA Covid Death Injection. Of course, he and his family didn't get the Death Injection. And there is no Covid-19 virus to begin with. He told all those poor women and their families to get an H1N1 swine flu vaccine for a another flu that never existed. There never was any flu threat! It gets better. Did you know he owns large amounts (150,000 option shares)  in SIGA Technologies? He's also on the board of directors. They make the vaccines. Makes you kind of question his motives. It's also very strange he didn't vaccinate his own children while he wanted you to poison yours for NO REASON AT ALL. That's right, he has publicly admitted he will not vaccinate himself, his wife, or his own four children.

Mehmet is Muslim, as are 99% of all Turks. He married white, Christian Lisa "Shamu" Lemole, as he didn't want some dirty, nasty, old Turkish woman for Allah's sake! He has promoted dozens of Magic Weight Loss Cures all these years. They didn't work on Lisa obviously. The poor woman is morbidly obese.


In June 2014 he was dragged in front of a U.S. Congressional Investigative Committee and warned to stop scamming people and making false claims for junk products. Well, people get what they deserve in life. The women who worship Oprah and Oz get what they deserve, too. To be successful tell the sheeple what they want to hear. This is his open secret. The fact his TV show is so successful proves just how degenerate and stupid our society has become.

In 2022 he outdid himself and is running for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania as a Republican. The people in Pennsylvania are so stupid he may actually win. At least this will put an end to his moronic TV show. This shameless charlatan is worth $100 million. This is absolute proof the Royal Road to Success is to tell the sheeple what they want to hear.

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