Dr. Mercola is Wrong
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Dr. Mercola is Wrong

After two decades of telling the world whole grains are poison and should never be eaten, he finally admits he was wrong. Read the article Dr. Mercola in our free library. In his new book Healthy Recipes for Your Nutritional Type  he finally admits he was wrong about whole grains. He lists various recipes for whole grains. He admits some people are genetically meant to eat whole grains. He hates the term "whole grains" by the way, and keeps calling them "carbs" and "carbohydrates". Instead of telling people the Atkins Diet (read the article Dr. Atkins) and the Paleo Diet (read the article Paleo Diet) is the right way to eat for everyone, he now says there are three nutritional metabolic types. Actually, he adds dairy foods to the Paleo diet. Here they are:

   Protein Type

   Carbohydrate (whole grain) Type

   Mixed Type

You can take a "free" online nutritional typing test at www.mercola.com/nt, but you have to give them your life history to get this "free" test. Don't bother.

This is still deadly ketogenic advice. Humans were meant to eat whole grains, as they are the very staff of life. (Eskimos are the exception that proves the rule. They are extremely primi-tive, suffer from very bad health, and live very short lives.) The rural Okinawans are the healthiest, longest lived people on earth and eat lots of whole grains and more soy foods than anyone. Mercola has also claimed soybeans are poison. The rural Japanese are se-cond in health and longevity. Brown rice is their staple, along with soy foods. The rural Chinese are much healthier than us. Rural northern Chinese eat wheat as a staple, and rural southern Chinese eat brown rice. The same applies to the rural Thai, Vietnam-ese, Cambodians, and Burmese generally. Read the China Study article.

Remember, this is the man who wrote that asinine book, No Grain Diet. That book claimed no one should ever eat whole grains, and they were not meant for humans to eat. he wrote the Total Health Cookbook with the same idiotic advice. He also warned not to eat beans or legumes as these were also "carbs". Now he has recipes for whole grains and beans, and says one third of everyone should eat them.

Folks, you can take this to the bank. Old Joseph was suffering from serious health problems he just could not admit to. That would expose him for what he is. That would de-stroy his multimillion dollar empire, like it did with Atkins. He is now eating whole grains, but won't admit it. He is still sickly from eating endless amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein. He will die early like Atkins did. You cannot keep stuffing meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods in your face without destroying your health.

An Atkins (ketogenic) or Paleo (Atkins with no dairy) diet will literally kill you. All that saturated fat overload. All that cholesterol overload. All that animal protein overload. The complete lack of complex carbohydrates from whole grains and beans. Ketosis takes over your body. Ketosis (ketogenic diet) is a disease state. Inflammation rages inside you. Diagnostic parameters like uric acid, CRP, and homocysteine go thru the roof. You are guaranteed to get coronary heart disease. You are guaranteed to get some form of cancer.

You are guaranteed to get a long list of other diseases. Epidemiological studies world-wide prove that whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and even seafood are the basis of our diet. These same studies also prove meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods cause disease of all types. His Optimal Wellness Center is a joke. He doesn't believe in supplements and knows nothing about hormones. He promotes juicing (read Juicing is Not a HealthPractice). The FDA has been after him for ten years. What a joke!

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