Dr. Axe is an Idiot
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Dr. Axe is an Idiot

Dr. Josh Axe is just another quack pretender in a long line of other idiots posing as "natural health" experts. Have you noticed that nearly every one of them just rehashes the deadly ketogenic diet? This includes the Atkins Diet, Ketogenic Diet, South Beach Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Paleo Diet (except no dairy), and the Glycemic Index Diet. These frauds want you to eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, and dairy products. These are exactly the very foods that cause disease and make you sick. Colin Campbell proved this conclusively in his book The China Study. (Read the article China Study under C in our free library.) No whole grains, beans, or even starchy vegetables (like potatoes) at all. Whole grains are the very staff of life. Americans only eat a tiny 1% whole grains in their diets. They claim whole grains "raise your blood sugar." Axe also doesn't want you to eat beans and legumes, or even starchy vegetables like potatoes. He wrote a book called Eat Dirt. Seriously, that's the title of his book. Your poor old author has written ten books and 150 articles. He says to eat eggs, beef, and dark chocolate to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. He says beef fat, pork fat, chicken fat, eggs, and even butter are "healthy fats". That's prima facie ridiculous! Read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs, and the articles Eggs are Bad Food and Chocolate is Poison.

Take just a minute to type in "define ketosis" on Google. IT IS A DISEASE STATE. Ketosis is a disease state. The ketogenic diets cause a state of illness by raising  ketone bodies is the tissues. High ketone levels are found in pathological conditions. Come on folks, common sense and logic tell you to eat whole grains and beans instead of meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods.

He's so stupid he believes that gluten is a poison. Read the articles Gluten Free Insanity and Wheat Baloney. here is what he said: "Research now shows that a large percentage of the general population report that they react negatively to eating gluten and feel better when they remove gluten-containing grains and products from their diet."

Actually, the worldwide published research shows that about 1 in 200 people feel they react negatively to gluten, when in fact they simply have IBS. He's not only a crook, but a pathological liar. He sells lots of worthless junk at extortionate prices. Not only worthless, but harmful. He

sells bone broth, bone broth protein, and bone broth collagen. This guy is obsessed with bone broth! Yes, bone broth. He feels it has Magical Powers. So does the Paleo crowd. Bone broth has no real amounts of any nutrients other than collagen. You can buy large jars of bulk collagen supplements for under $10 if you want to add this to your diet. Collagen has very little value as a supplement, except in a total program for joint problems. He sells six different various bone broth concoctions. How about Bone Broth Collagen Pure for $74.50. The other five are equally overpriced. He also sells whey protein, which if full of the cancer causing protein casein. He sells Super Greens (useless fruit and vegetable powders) for  $41.95. How about Women's Multi with 100% of a mere six nutrients for $39.95. His Keto Multi has 100% of 16 nutrients for $59.95!!! We have All Your Vitamins and Minerals® with 100% of THIRTY nutrients for $11.95. Our acidophilus has 8 strains, is refrigerated, and only $9.95. His Soil Based Probiotic (soil bas-d???) has only two strains, is not refrigerated, and is $28.95. His vitamin D3 is $28.95. Ours is $6.95. No crook like a cheap crook.

There are always going to be shameless charlatans like Axe. The real question is how can there be so many stupid people who listen to him and buy his overpriced junk? The royal road to success is to tell the sheeple what they want to hear. This gives them an excuse to eat all the animal foods they love so much. They pay for this stupidity with extremely high disease rates, terrible quality of life, and early mortality. If you haven't read my Macrobiotics for Everyone, please read it.

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