DMSO Instead of Hypodermic Needles - An alternative to unnatural injec
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DMSO Instead of Hypodermic Needles - An alternative to unnatural injections.

The idea of injecting anything into your body with a needle is intrinsically unsettling, and very unnatural. Some drugs and hormones are not orally available however. Testosterone, progesterone, estriol, growth hormone, and insulin come to mind. There is just no reason to inject people (or animals) with hypodermic needles. There are alternatives.

You can use transdermal versions of any of these hormones except growth hormone. The problem is that usually you only get 20% penetration into the bloodstream. 80% is wasted. You can use nasal sprays, but the FDA has outlawed these in their infinite wisdom. Why can’t we buy hormones in nasal sprays at the pharmacies? Why can’t doctors prescribe nasal sprays? You can use sublingual versions, but these are just not offered generally. Sublingual delivery is very effective, but just not used much at all. Patches are very expensive, for no good reason, than to make the pharmaceutical corporations even richer. Suppositories (anal or vaginal) are just a poor idea and unnecessary.

DMSO is another answer. You can also dissolve any of these substances (including GH in DMSO sublingually) in the common solvent DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). This is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that penetrates the skin and takes in any substance that is dissolved in it, thereby putting it into your bloodstream. The effectiveness usually approaches 100%. Buy 99% liquid and not the weaker gels. Use on thin skin, like your inner wrists, neck, or abdomen.

Type 1 diabetics could theoretically (it’s not legal) dissolve powdered insulin in DMSO and stop using needles. Women can put progesterone, estriol, estrone, or estradiol in DMSO instead of using overpriced patches, ineffective oral forms, or low penetration creams. Men and women can use testosterone in DMSO in very small amounts. Men can use about 3 mg a day and women about 150 mcg a day. Please read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend. Men would use about 2.5 mg of DHEA in DMSO and women about 1.25 mg. You can also use pregnenolone in DMSO using 5 mg for men and 2.5 mg for women. (DHEA and pregnenolone are only about 10% absorbed orally.) Melatonin, T3, and T4 are well absorbed orally.

You can’t buy DMSO solutions. The doctor can’t write you a prescription. Even the com-pounding pharmacist isn’t allowed by law to make them. There is no good reason for this other than ignorance. You can’t even find clinical studies using DMSO delivery, as this is not considered proper medical protocol. Science is hindered by such ignorance.

Make them yourself. DMSO is sold as a, “solvent, not for human or animal use” inexpensively on the Internet. Get an eight ounce bottle of 99% liquid for ten dollars. DMSO has been used in large amounts topically for inflammation. This is not recommended for several reasons, although you can get superficial relief. You are using far too much DMSO, and this gets into your bloodstream. This is allopathic, and only covers up the causes of your in-flammation, arthritis, rheumatism or whatever condition you have. Do not use topical DMSO for pain or inflammation.

You can take melatonin, T3, and T4 orally with good absorption. DHEA and pregnenolone are poorly absorbed orally with less than 10% actually getting into your blood. GH can be used sublingually in DMSO, even though it has a large 191 amino acid chain molecule. Never use oral estrogens of any kind.

When you use natural, bioidentical hormones in natural ways there are never any side effects whatsoever. People who talk about “side effects” from natural hormone supplementation know nothing about the subject. Using DMSO delivery is a natural way to use hormones that are not orally available.

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