DIM Lowers Estrogen in Men and Women - Better estrogen levels for men
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DIM Lowers Estrogen in Men and Women - Better estrogen levels for men and women.

One of the most pervasive medical myths is that Western women are estrogen deficient as they age and need supplementation. On the other hand, one of the most unknown medical facts is that men over 50 generally have higher estrogen levels than their post-menopausal wives! This is called "estrogen dominance". In women, the loss of progesterone as they age means a higher estrogen-to-progesterone ratio. This causes more illnesses of various types, especially cancers. In men the reversed testosterone-to-estrogen ratio causes such problems as prostate disease, obesity, gynecomastia, etc. You can easily and inexpensively test your estradiol and estrone with saliva kits. Women should also test their estriol (the "forgotten" estrogen). Doctors, and even gynecologists, are too uneducated to know about it (read Estriol for Women). One reason rural Asian women and vegetarians enjoy better health generally is their lower levels of estradiol and estrone, and higher levels of estriol. The men also have lower estradiol and estrone.

If your estrogen levels are too high what do you do? Diet and exercise are the answer. Read the Seven Steps article and do all seven faithfully. A low fat, high fiber, low calorie diet based on whole grains, beans, and vegetables is vital. Americans eat an insane 40% fat calorie diet. Most all of these are saturated animal fats. Daily exercise lowers estrogens. Don't drink alcohol or coffee. You should never take dangerous estrogen blockers like Tamoxifen, Clom-ipine, or Arimidex. Diet and lifestyle are always the real answer to your health problems. What supplements can you take? 200 mg of DIM (diindolylmethane) is the most important. This is the direct metabolite of I3C (indole-3-carbinol). DIM is a much better choice than I3C, and is only half the price, since you need twice as much I3C. We sell 60 X 200 mg of DIM for only $11.95, which is the cheapest price in the world. Life Extension is too stupid to sell it, as is Swanson's. Even Puritan's Pride, the biggest vitamin company in the world, wants $19.95. Make sure you get 200 mg of DIM per capsule, and never buy any scams with a “special delivery system”. I3C is found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Most of the published studies are, in fact, on I3C, since it was discovered first, and has been around longer. All the I3C studies apply equally to DIM, since it is the direct metabolite. Again, all “special delivery systems” are scams. Just take your DIM (and CoQ10) with food or your daily flax oil.

This can be a very overrated "cureall" supplement. There are good published clinical studies to prove the value of DIM, and the main use is to lower estradiol and estrone. Doctors at NY Medical College said, "In fact, I3C undergoes dimerization under acidic conditions to form DIM that is more bioreactive than I3C." Doctors at UC Berkeley gave a mere 108 mg (it should have been 200 mg) of DIM to postmenopausal women in a double blind study. Their estrogen metabolism was improved dramatically in only 30 days. At Wayne State University the researchers concluded, "The results from our lab, and from others, provide ample evidence for the benefit of I3C and DIM for the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer." At Tec-nion Institute in in Israel, two studies were done to show the effectiveness of DIM against breast and prostate cancer in animals. "The inhibitory action of DIM on tumor growth was demonstrated in vivo" At the University of Leicester, "I3C and DIM are promising cancer chemopreventive agents." At Oregon State University, "I3C and DIM are naturally occurring dietary components found in cruciferous vegetables. In the stomach I3C forms condensation products including DIM." At the Jewish Research Institute, "I3C, and its dimer DIM, obtained from dietary consumption of vegetables have multiple biochemical activities. Both com-pounds have been effective clinically in treat precancerous lesions of the cervix and laryngeal palillomas."

Read the article Lower Estrogen Levels in our library. Do not take chrysin to lower your estrogen levels, as it simply doesn't work. Clinical studies worldwide prove it has no value at all. One to two grams of flax oil (read Flax Oil is Amazing) will also help. Again, the only realistic way to lower toxic estrogens in men and women is diet and lifestyle, all Seven Steps.

Test your estrogen levels with a ZRT saliva kit and take DIM and flax oil to keep them low. Men just need to test their estradiol and estrone. Women should also test estriol. You want low range for estradiol and estrone, and high range for estriol. One to two grams of flax oil will work synergistically with this. Nothing substitutes for a good low fat, high fiber diet, low calorie diet and lots of exercise though.

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