Deagel 2025 Forecast
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Deagel 2025 Forecast

Google "2025 Deagel Prediction" and print out all seven pages in color. Spend some time with this. What does Deagel know that we don't know? Lots of things! This is what they do for the world military, the U.S. President, CIA, NSA, NATO, OECD, OSCE, Russian Defense Agency, World Bank, UN, Stratfor, and others. They are the Deep State. These are very intelligent, very serious people. In less than four years this planet is going to collapse with unimaginable suffering.. They cover 183 countries in this report. Let's go over forty of the most important ones:

China will thrive. Their GDP, military, and economy will expand. They will be the world leader for the first time in human history. They will be the superpower finally.

Russia will thrive. Their GDP, military and economy will expand. They will be superior to us militarily. They will partner with China.

India will mostly survive. Their GDP and military will expand, but their economy will drop by 24%. The standard of living will get worse than it already is.

Japan will fall badly. Their population will only fall 8%, but their GDP will collapse, and the economy will drop by half.

Brazil will do well. Their GDP will rise, their military will expand strongly, and their

economy will be stable. They will work strongly with China.

America will be a disaster. Our population will fall 70%, The GDP will totally collapse 87%, the military will collapse 95%,  and the economy collapse 73%. Yes, those are the actual Deagel predictions for the United States. China, Russia, and Iran alone will out-number us 16 to 1! We'll be the military laughing stock of the world. The World Bully will be the World Sissy. Population down 70%, GDP down 87%, military down 95%, and economy down 73%. A Third World mixed race totalitarian cesspool.

Mexico will somehow survive and have a standard of living not much lower than

that of America! Only small losses in population and the economy. Go figure.

Italy will collapse, plus lose 30% population.

France will collapse with a 60% economic fall.

Canada will collapse and have a 48% economic loss.

South Korea will lose 28% population and 50% of the economy.

Netherlands somehow will grow their GDP and only lose 10% of the economy.

Iran will grow the GDP and military, but somehow lose 24% of the economy.

Thailand will lose 40% of their economy, but hugely grow their GDP, and their economy will be stable. They will actively cooperate with China.

Philippines is hard to comprehend. They will double their GDP and stabilize their economy, while continuing to breed like cockroaches. Poverty will always reign. They will partner closely with China.

Germany, like America, will collapses entirely. They will lose 44% of their people, have no military, and their economy will drop by 70%.

Argentina will be a survivor with a mere 25% economy loss and everything else stable.

Cuba will be a survivor somehow. That means the six decade communist regime will collapse. 32% rise in GDP and stable economy. They will still live in abject poverty.

Saudi Arabia will suffer a 42% economic loss,  but survive unfortunately. They should be wiped off the map.

Spain will collapse in every way.

Australia is no place to flee to. A 35% loss in population and massive losses in the GDP and economy.

Chile will do great! A huge growth in GDP and military with a stable economy.

Belgium will fall in every way including a huge population loss of 25%.

Finland will do well in every way. Surprise, surprise.

Austria will fall in both GDP and the economy.

Sweden will collapse, of course, with a 60% drop in the economy. What else?

Switzerland will suffer badly. Huge 36% loss in population, 68% loss in GDP, and 56% loss in the economy. Nothing stable about this country at all.

United, Kingdom, like America, will be a total disaster.  An 80% loss of population and economy  just for starters. An 87% loss of GDP.

Hungary will thrive with a growing GDP and stable economy. Figure that one out.

Norway will suffer a 29% loss of population, and collapse in GDP and economy.

Denmark will lose 34% population, and collapse of GDP and economy. They should do a lot worse due to their love affair with socialism.

Slovakia will be a survivor with a growing GDP and stable economy. They will still have the same poor standard of living.

New Zealand, like Australia, will be a disaster. A 27% loss in population, a 64% loss in GDP, a 62% economic loss. It's already Communist Paradise.

Israel will lose over half the population, and 80% drop in GDP, and 70% drop in economy. They will no longer have America to support them and fight their wars. Henry Kissinger long ago said, "Israel will be gone in 10 years". Like Saudi Arabia, they well deserve to collapse.

Costa Rica will thrive. Their GPD will grow and economy will be stable. They will still be poor, with a very low standard of living. Don't even think of going there.

Uruguay will do poorly. Don't even think of going there to survive.

Colombia will thrive surprisingly. A dramatic rise in GDP and the economy.  Go figure!

Ireland, like the United Kingdom, will be a disaster. Why? A loss of 74% population, a 93% drop in GDP (yes, 93%) and 84% drop in the economy.

Puerto Rico will collapse in every way. Why go into detail?

Iceland will collapse. 42% drop in population, 84% drop in GDP and 74% in economy.

Aruba will thrive. A desert island with no water? Really? Somehow stable.

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