David Cured Prostate Cancer - A 65 year old man cures cancer naturally
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David Cured Prostate Cancer - A 65 year old man cures cancer naturally.

A 65 year old man e-mailed me in 2003 and said he had prostate cancer. He had been having problems for months, and finally went to a doctor. The doctor referred him to a urologist who immediately determined he had prostate cancer. There was simply no way he was willing to be cut up, poisoned, and irradiated. He would much rather just live out his last years in peace and die with dignity with a clear mind. He knew these insane procedures do nothing to address the actual cause of the cancer, but he just didn't know what to do.

He read The Natural Prostate Cure and  Zen Macrobiotics for Americans (now Macrobiotics for Everyone). He also read Dirk Benedict's Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. Dirk cured himself of prostate cancer with a traditional Japanese macrobiotic diet back in the 1970s.  Dirk didn’t have the supplements and hormones we have now 50 years later. Dirk did not fast either. David had always eaten the typical American diet of meat, eggs, milk, potatoes, white bread, coffee, and lots of sugar.

It was difficult for him to give up the beef, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy products, and the other high fat animal foods he had eaten all his life. It took him a few months to really stop eating these. He drank soy milk, and ate soy cheese and various types of seafood instead of dairy, meat, and poultry. More and more he actually came to enjoy the new foods. He liked brown rice more than white rice, whole grain bread more than white bread, and eating more beans, and fresh green and yellow vegetables. It took him about three months to actually get on the right diet and really begin his healing.

He took the eighteen different supplements recommended in The Natural Prostate Cure. He took the temporary "exogenous" ones like green tea, milk thistle, curcumin, ellagic acid, and aloe for six months. That was easy.

He took 3 mg of melatonin every night, and  50 mg of pregnenolone . His DHEA was low so he took 25 mg of that. His testosterone was low- like 90% of all men over 50.  His doctor wouldn’t give him a prescription for testosterone because he could actually lose his medical license. He went on the Internet and got some legally from an online pharmacy. Yes, testosterone is GOOD for your prostate despite what the medical profession tells you. There are over 60 published studies quoted in my book to prove that. It took quite a lot of courage for him to use testosterone.  He used a dab of progesterone cream five days a week. He got his T3 and T4 thyroid hormones tested a few months later, and they were in good shape.

Yes, he still would have liked to eat some of the foods he ate all his life, but more and more he just didn’t care anymore. He lost forty pounds (!), ate all he wanted, and was never hungry. He used to feel tired a lot, needed regular naps, and just didn't have much energy. He now feels much stronger with more energy and is able to do all the things he wants to. Most of all David simply FELT BETTER. You know you’re getting well by how you FEEL. Healthy people feel good.

He was kind of insecure about all this. He went back to the doctor after six months to get a sonogram.  His malignant growth had shrunk dramatically. He was very reassured by this. He realized that biopsies are very harmful, and refused to get one despite the doctors repeated requests. He refused any x-rays.

He finally started fasting one day a week on water from dinner to dinner every week. It took him six months to do be able to do this.  He took no medications at all, and walked several times a week for exercise. The only bad habit he had was a cup two of coffee every week, and he doesn't smoke or drink. After 18 months he got another sonogram, and he was cured. No more cancer. He probably has another good 20 years left to live. He did this by taking responsibility for his illness and curing himself. He changed his diet and changed his lifestyle, instead of trying to cover up the symptoms with surgery, drugs, and radiation. He looked at the CAUSE of his illness and not just the superficial symptoms. He has a fine future to look forward to. He earned it and he deserves it.

(2020) David is alive, well and healthy. He eats well and lives well. He’s alive because he took took responsibility for his health and cured the CAUSE of his cancer. He turned his back on the doctors once he was diagnosed with cancer. As always, diet and lifestyle cure disease. Diet is everything. Read the Seven Steps article. Diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, weekly fasting, no Rx drugs, and no bad habits.

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