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Cure All Your Sexual Problems for $39.95 - All sexual enhancement supplements are junk.

You've heard the radio and TV ads,  and read the newspaper and magazine ads. You can cure every single one of your sexual problems for only $39.95- guaranteed. That's right, no matter what your sexual problem is, Sexual Cureall will fix you right up. Impotence, frigidity, lack of desire, activity, frequency, responsiveness, inability to perform, or whatever else you suffer from will be over. Your sex life will be just like it was when you were in your 20's. Men, you'll be a stallion again. Women, you won't envy those movie stars anymore. Only the most powerful ingredients are in Sexual Cureall. That wonder herb Tribulus terrestis to raise your testosterone levels. That Mayan Indian sexual tonic Maca root. That Amazonian miracle Muira puama for sexual rejuvenation. The Polynesian health tonic noni juice. Plus many other wonder supplements like deer antler velvet, lycopene, colloidal minerals, colloidal silver, emu oil, saw palmetto, milk colostrum, wild yam root, chorella, and spirulina. It's all in there!

There has never been a product in the world like Sexual Cureall ladies and gentlemen. You're going to love this. No matter how bad your sex life has been, and no matter how long it's been that way, you are going to be completely sexually rejuvenated in only 30 days or your money back. All your sexual disappointment is history.

O.K., let's get serious here folks. You have seen these dumbassed ads all over the place, and countless millions of dollars go to the scam artists who place them. People really are this naive and uninformed as to think that some cockamamie promotional herbal mixture is going to cure their sexual dysfunction. Sexual problems are 90% psychology and only 10% biology in the first place. Sexual malfunction is just another expression of our poor health and worn down psychology anyway. Sexual problems are just a reflection of poor diet, harmful lifestyle, obesity, lack of exercise, stress, depression, hormone imbalance, bad relationships, and the rest of the modem society scenario. Good health and good relationship equals good sex. Read the articles Female Sexual Dysfunction and Male Sexual Dysfunction.

What can you do if your sex life is less than you'd like it to be? The first thing is to realize is that you're not teenagers in the back seat of a car when sex was The Great Delight. Sex is a great delight, but not The Great Delight. Life itself is the Great Delight, not sex. Another thing you can do is rule out biology. Get your DHEA and testosterone tested by blood (free not bound- not that your doctor would understand the difference) or saliva. These two androgens are the most important biological influence on sexual desire and satisfaction. If you are low in DHEA try 25 mg and retest in 90 days. Women can take half tablets (i.e. 12.5 mg) since they are smaller and have lower levels. Men can use a half gram or 3% natural testosterone cream, use 3 mg of natural testosterone in DMSO, or put 4 mg of enanthate under their tongue every  morning. No oral or injected testosterone. Women can use a quarter gram of  0.3% natural testosterone cream. This is one twentieth of what a man would use. They can also use 150 mcg of natural testosterone in DMSO or 200 mcg of enanthate under their tongue every morning.  Women need to be very careful here and not get high levels. No one should take DHEA or testosterone without first checking their levels to see if they are low. You want the youthful level you enjoyed when you were in your 30's.

Almost a quarter century ago in 1978 in the Archives of Sexual Behavior (vol. 7) there was fine study done sponsored by the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health). Young couples were studied for their sexual behavior and the researchers said, "High baseline testosterone level was significantly related to high self-rated gratification score and ability to form good interpersonal relationships." Notice the emphasis on psychology here. They further said "The wife's self gratification scores correlated significantly with their own plasma testosterone levels." This was a very thorough study and very well done. If this is true of young couples, it is much truer of older couples with their diminished hormone levels. There are many other such studies to verify what they have found.

Please remember that our endocrine system is like a symphony orchestra. All your hormones need to be at youthful levels for you to enjoy a long and healthy life. Don't accept "normal" levels for your age- you want youthful levels to be in top health. If you are over 40 you should be taking melatonin, pregnenolone, using progesterone cream (yes, men, too) and know your DHEA and testosterone levels. Blood sugar should be 85 or less. Cholesterol about 150, and triglycerides under 100. Women should know their estradiol, estrone and estriol levels. Men would do well to know if their estradiol and estrone levels are too high. Be sure to get your T3 and T4 thyroid levels checked, as thyroid problems are very common in America. Raising your T3 and/or T4 can do wonders for you if either or both of them are low. You can get a GTT (glucose tolerance test) to see if your insulin is too high. Keep your blood sugar at 85 or less. Most people simply can't afford $3,000 a year to inject prescription growth hormone. All OTC growth hormone supplements are frauds. HGH is totally overrated anyway.

Most of all, good sex depends on good relationship. Sex is 90% psychology and only 10% biology. Good health and good relationship. Psychology is especially important for women. The divorce rate is over 50% in America. The other 49% are rarely happy. How can you have good sex when you have an unhappy relationship? You can’t obviously. Two thirds of men commit adultery and one third of women. This is a very sad situation where adultery is the norm rather than the exception. Men who cannot perform with their wives can often perform with a prostitute or mistress. Women who cannot enjoy sex with their husband can often enjoy it by having an affair. 90% psychology and only 10% biology. Again, please read the two articles listed above.

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