CoQ10 is Vital
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CoQ10 is Vital

CoQ10, or ubiquinone (a stable ketone), is a vital antioxidant in every cell of our bodies. It was only discovered in 1957, and has been sold for over a decade now. It is a coenzyme that fights free radicals and prevents cellular oxidation. You can get real Japanese product 100 mg for only $10 a month- 33 cents a day. Do not take cheap ubiquinol (an unstable alcohol). Read the article CoQ10 Frauds. Ubquinol is NOT CoQ10. Do not buy any product with a "special delivery system"- they are all frauds. If you have a serious condition, you can take 200 mg day for a year until you improve (100 mg AM and 100 mg PM).

Take CoQ10 (and DIM) with your meals, or with your flax oil, as it is oil soluble. You can also give this to your pets when they get older (read the article Feed Your Pets Right).

The published research is most impressive for many conditions. It is especially valuable valuable for heart and artery (CHD) problems, cancer of all types, neurodegenerative (brain and nervous system) diseases, periodontal conditions, slowing down the aging process, diabetes, and a host of other conditions. You cannot get this from your diet, as we synthesize it. Our blood serum and organ levels fall as we age. Falling brain levels are especially important as we age. Read the article Prevent Alzheimers. Many other diseases and medical conditions have shown benefits from using a CoQ10 supplement. The list gets longer every year.

CHD conditions are the largest cause of death worldwide by far. Cancer is a far second to CHD. People with any heart or artery problem are generally low in CoQ10 in both their blood serum and their heart muscle. Hypertension is the most prominent medical con-dition in the world. Read my book Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. You need a total program of diet and lifestyle to lower your systolic and diastolic blood pressures.  However, CoQ10 supplements alone have been shown to lower them with no change in diet or exercise. This is stunning! Of course you still want to use diet and lifestyle to accomplish this.

CoQ10 will help you slow down the aging process, live better, and live longer. Oxidative cell stress is the basic cause of aging, and CoQ10 helps reduce this oxidation.  It will also help you build up your immunity. Read the article Good health Begins with Good Digestion to see how to have strong immunity. CoQ10 will also help you raise your white blood cell count. It will raise your level of immunoglobin G (IfG). It further enhances macrophage production. Macrophages are the most important cell in our immune systems. Immunity is everything when it comes to good health.

100 years ago in America only 1 person in 30 got cancer. Now it is 1 in 3!  One in three Americans will get cancer before they die! There is no excuse for this. Cancer rates have gone up a full 1,000% in 100 years. Ten times! More and more studies are showing the value of CoQ10 to both help prevent and cure cancer. Cancer patients of all types generally show low serum levels. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. It is infinitely easier to prevent cancer with diet and lifestyle than cure it.

Diabetes is an epidemic in America, Europe, and India today with about 20 million U.S. diabetics. One in three U.S. children will grow up diabetic! This is prima facie insanity. 90% of this is type 2, which is very curable with diet and lifestyle. Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. We eat an astounding 160 pounds of various sugars every year we don't need. Read the article Sugar is Sugar. We also eat twice the calories we need, eight times the fat we need, twice the protein we need, and a mere 1% whole grains. Diabetics are generally low in CoQ10 (Medicine v 7, 1976). Along with outright diabetes goes high blood sugar, low blood sugar, Metabolic Syndrome, and insulin resistance.

Most all people worldwide have tooth and gum problems, especially after the age of 50. Such people have been shown to be generally low in serum levels and gum tissue levels. Taking CoQ10 along with co-factors such as All Your Minerals®, flax oil, glucosamine, and vitamin D will dramatically improve tooth and gum problems. Read the article Treating Bone and Joint Disease.  "Gum planing" by your dentist just makes you worse in the end.

CoQ10 also has dramatic topical benefits for our skin. We are the only ones to offer a real 1% cream. This is stated clearly on the label, "1% CoQ10". We put 0.5% CoQ10 in our Miraculous Cream®, and also put it in our Hair Again®. Using a CoQ10 cream can help reduce scarring, improve dermal metabolism, burns, sunburn, wounds, slow down wrinkles and skin aging.

Spend 33 cents a day to extend and improve your health and your life. We match or beat the price the huge mega-corporations charge for real CoQ10 (ubiquinone), even though they are 100 times larger than we are.

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