CoQ10 Frauds - Use real ubiquinone
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CoQ10 Frauds - Use real ubiquinone

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is a vital supplement for anyone over 40. You need about 100 mg to get any real benefits. Take this with your food or flax oil, as it is oil soluble, and needs oil to be bioavailable. This is an expensive raw material, and costs about $600 a kg in 2018 for the real Japanese biocultured product. You must use real Japanese biocultured CoQ10 (ubiquione, a ketone) and nothing else. Cheap ubiquinol (an alcohol) costs about $200 a kilogram and has no stability. It is NOT real CoQ10.

Third rate companies are always looking for ways to cheat you on CoQ10 products, since it is so expensive. Here at Young Again it is only $19.95 for 60 X 100 mg of real Japanese ubiquinone. We compete with Puritan’s Pride, who buy about one third of the entire world production every year. Why don’t they offer you a better price? They are 100 times bigger than we are. They could profit at $14.95.

There are two frauds regarding Coenzyme Q10. The first fraud is low dose (like 30 mg) with “special delivery systems”. These claim to be as effective as the 100 mg doses. Baloney. You need 100 mg of actual CoQ10. Companies that sell you smaller amounts with “special delivery systems” are crooks. Just like the companies that sell you 50 mg of DIM with "special delivery systems". Don't buy overprice Qunol®.

The second fraud is cheap, unstable ubiquinol (an unstable alcohol)., rather than real ubiquinone (a stable ketone). Ubiquinol is not real CoQ10. You can’t use ubiquinol, as it is unstable and has no shelf life. You would have to sell it frozen like ice cream. There is zero published science behind ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is cheap and easy to synthesize, but has no stability. Any so-called “studies” are merely advertisements from Kaneka Corporation, who holds the patent. Patents mean nothing, as they just register an idea. A patent does NOT mean the idea works at all, only that you have rights to your idea.  It seems every newsletter doctor in the world is now pushing worthless ubiquinol. Many claim it is even “superior” to real CoQ10. It’s all about money folks. All these people are lying hucksters. Now we have a new ubiquinol fraud where the label states "CoQ10 Trans Form". The FDA is going to put a stop to this soon. Calling cheap, unstable ubiquinol "CoQ10" is out and out fraud and mislabeling.

Ubiquinol is very unstable and breaks down at room temperature. Ubiquinone is extremely stable, with a shelf life of years. You would have to keep ubiquinol frozen to preserve it, as you would frozen foods. There is no scientific evidence at all that any form of ubiquinol has good shelf life. Companies such as Life Extension claim it is, “eight times stronger than CoQ10”. However, they then suggest you take up to eight 50 mg capsules of ubiquinol- which is 400 mg. This obviously doesn’t make any sense at all. They want $78 for a bottle of 100 X 50 mg ubiquinol! You’re better of with real CoQ10 for only $19.95. Life Extension does sell real CoQ10 for $73 for a bottle of 100 X 100 mg. What a deal! We sell you 60 X 100 mg for $20. Oh, you also have to pay $75 a year to join the Life Extension Foundation for the “privilege” of buying overpriced junk like this. Endless newsletter doctors, vitamin stores, and Internet sites sell worthless ubiquinol so they can make more profit. You will also see suspiciously cheap “CoQ10” in the membership stores. You’ll notice the word, “ubiquinone” is NOT on the label. Do not buy these!!! If this was the real thing the label would clearly say, “ubiquinone”. Ours does.

CoQ10 is a definite supplement anyone over the age of 40 should take, and it only costs you about 33 cents a day. Only 33 cents a day for the real deal! Be sure to take this with food or with your flax oil so it will be absorbed. CoQ10, like DIM, is oil soluble, and not water soluble. There is no significant amount of CoQ10 in your food, so you must use a supplement. Our blood and tissue levels fall badly as we age. Low CoQ10 levels are associated with many illnesses and medical conditions. There is tremendous published science behind the benefits of taking real CoQ10.

We have the only real CoQ10 cream on the market is our “CoQ10 1% Cream”.  We also sell Miraculous Cream® with 0.5% CoQ10, and seven other proven skin ingredients. Miraculous Cream is the most effective face cream in the world. Read the label to prove that to yourself. Hair Again® also has CoQ10.

Ideally, everyone over the age of 40 should be taking about 18 supplements, plus the hormones they need. Read the articles Serious Supplement Program and Balance Your Hormones. CoQ10 has a lot of science behind it ,and more published studies all the time. Be sure to take the 100 mg you need. Some very ill people can benefit from taking 200 mg for one year, and then taking the normal 100 mg. Buy only real Japanese biocultured ubiquinone. Don’t get taken in by crooks. Please read my books Macrobiotics for Everyone and The Supplements You Need. There are 10 books, 150 articles, and 2 newsletters free at

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