Chondroitin Doesn't Work - Useless.
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Chondroitin Doesn't Work - Useless.

You see the glucosamine/chondroitin combinations in every drugstore, health food store, vitamin catalog, and supplement website in America. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of chondroitin are sold worldwide every year. People simply accept that this works and has good science behind it. In 2021 sales have finally slowed down as people realize it just doesn't work and has no value.

NO, IT DOESN’T! Chondroitin doesn't work, never has worked, and never will work. The molecule is too large to pass thru the intestinal wall- it will not absorb into your blood. If you can find a surgeon who will inject pharmaceutical grade chondroitin into your joint you will get some benefit. No surgeons do this however. Taking it orally is a waste of time and money. So why do nearly all the vitamin companies, drug stores, Internet sites, and health food stores keep selling so much chondroitin every year?

To take your money. It’s all about profit as usual. To take your money, because you are so desperate for arthritis relief you're about to sell your soul to the Devil to get rid of the never ending pain. Chondroitin is a promotion without value or benefit, like a whole lot of natural supplements we've exposed on this website. Many popular supplements sold are worthless. The natural supplement industry is basically made up of liars, thieves, crooks, conmen, and psychopaths. Resveratrol, 5-HTP, lycopene, HGH secretagogues, sexual enhancement formulas, saw palmetto, maca root, pomegranate, acai, goji, mangosteen, MSM, chrysin, homeopathics, bee products, and the rest of that crap are just sold to separate you from your hard earned cash. The natural supplement industry mantra  is, “sell sh*t to morons”. Read the article Garbage Supplements in 2021 in our free library.

You may have heard there are published, clinical studies on the value of chondroitin in both animals and humans. So, how can this be a mere promotion for profit? Because most medical journals now accept paid advertisements, as long as the fine print identifies who paid for the ad. Every time you look up the actual full text "studies" on chondroitin they turn out to be a paid ads for "IBSA". This is the Institut Biochemique, and a major manufacturer of chondroitin. There are simply no published, honest,  independent, unfunded studies that show any value at all for oral chondroitin supplements. Chondroitin is worthless.

Science proves this. Let's take a REAL study published in Rheumatology International (v. 12, 1992) at the University Hospital in Zurich Switzerland. Here they used real people who were given generic, unbranded chondroitin, and not a name brand product. No one was paid here, no one was hired to come up with the desired results, and no outside funding from businesses was used. The doctors at University Hospital measured the serum levels of "glycosaminogens". These rise if the chondroitin is actually absorbed. No matter how much chondroitin they fed them, their blood serum levels of glyclosaminogens did not go up at all. No matter how many capsules of chondroitin they ate, there was no benefit, no improvement, no relief from pain, no changes in their blood, no results whatsoever. The doctors there concluded very diplomatically, "oral chondroitin is a biological and pharmacological unfounded theory". Let’s add "fraud", "scam", "rip-off", and other descriptive words to their conclusion.

Please read the article Bone Health in our free library at Glucosamine works, but needs synergistic help from good diet,  minerals (All Your Minerals®), vitamin D, flax oil, natural hormone balance, and sensible, safe exercise.

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