Caffeine is Poison
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Caffeine is Poison

Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world. It is insidiously addictive. Chemically it is 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even discovered until about 1000 AD. The more evidence you see, the worse it gets. Half of all American adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day. 80% of Americans drink caffeine in coffee or tea every day. 90% of Americans drink caffeine daily in coffee, tea, or soft drinks. 400 million cups of coffee daily, plus all the other sources. That does not include the multi billion dollar epidemic of energy drinks. Caffeine is the most popular drug on earth. It is cheap, legal, effective, ubiquitous (it’s everywhere), and socially acceptable. This is why it is the most popular drug of all. In 1989 the FDA limited each serving of food or drink to 200 mg. 120 mg will jangle the nerves of a full grown 180 pound man. This doesn’t stop people from often ingesting 1,000 mg or more in a day. Ten grams (10,000 mg) is deadly. The real problem is that caffeine is so highly addictive and toxic.

Just one daily single cup of coffee, or an energy drink, can ruin your health. Just one. Be clear about this... just one cup of coffee, or one energy drink, a day will ruin your health over time. This caffeine jolt will upset your insulin/blood sugar system, and wear out your pancreas and adrenal glands. This includes guarana and yerba mate. They are not “health tonics”. Yes, you can have one cup a week and not have any consequences, but that’s it. We cannot in good conscience sell either guarana or yerba mate. Regular use of caffeine will completely upset your insulin and blood sugar mtabolism. Hyperglycemia and insulin resistance are well known effects. You must keep your blood sugar under 85 mg/dl. People with blood sugar over 85 die earlier, and get more diseases generally. Caffeine in any form will raise this dramatically. It will also raise your insulin levels and make your insulin receptors less effective. This is called "insulin resistance". All this is a prelude to overall sickness, early mortality, metabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia, and outright diabetes. The daily stimulation wears out your pancreas and adrenal glands. Once your pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin, there is no repairing or rejuvenating it. Pancreas and beta cell transplants just don’t work. Hypertension is the most common medical condition in the world. About one third of American adults have clinically high blood pressure. One reason for this pandemic is caffeine consumption. At Queen’s University in Canada (Diabetes Care 2004) the doctors found people given small amounts of caffeine had higher blood sugar levels and reduced insulin sensitivity in only 90 days. This was true, despite all other factors such as obesity, exercise or diabetes. You will see supposed “studies” claiming that drinking a lot of coffee (3-4 cups a day or more) “protects” you from diabetes. This is just paid propaganda from the coffee growers and producers.
Just some of the commonly known side medical effects of caffeine include hypertension, headache, anxiety, agitation, tremors, impotence, confusion, outright psychosis(!), seizures, nausea, ketosis (high ketone bodies in the blood), vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, aggravation of PMS, dehydration, renal hyperstimulation, abdominal pain, panic attacks(!), emotional fatigue, and heart and blood pressure conditions. Every year just in the U.S. thousands of people are admitted to emergency room for caffeine poisoning. People actually end up in emergency rooms! This includes over a thousand children under 6 years old for some reason. Who gives children caffeine other than Honey Boo Boo's mother? About 30% of Americans now have elevated blood pressure levels. Hypertension is the most common medical condition of all.

This is an insidiously addictive drug very comparable to the addictiveness of other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine. It may take years for the damage from caffeine to actually manifest itself. If you use caffeine please stop using it. It will be more arduous than you think.

The fact it is legal, cheap and socially acceptable makes it all the more difficult. Caffeine has been shown to raise toxic estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1) blood levels. American men and women already suffer from hyper estradiol levels. This is one cause of most cancers, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. This has been proven in human studies such as the famous BioCycle Study (Fertility & Sterility v 76, 2001).

Short story... Ray was eating a whole grain diet, going to the gym, taking his supplements, had balanced his hormones, fasted every week, and didn't take prescription drugs. His only bad habit was a energy drink (120 mg of caffeine) daily. At 70 he had done this for 15 years. His fasting blood sugar went to an incredible 130. His insulin kept rising to 9.0. His body fat kept rising. His pants didn't fit anymore. He gained ten pounds of ugly fat. His skin broke out around his lungs. He was becoming impotent more and more. His sleep went to hell, he had insomnia, nocturia (night urination), and slept over 10 hours a day .This was all due to one single daily dose of 120 mg of caffeine over the years.

He stopped, as he just couldn't take it anymore. In only two weeks he lost 8 pounds and his blood sugar fell back to 83. It took a month for his skin to clear up, and three months for his sexual performance to return. Read the article Male Sexual Performance to see how insulin resistance is the main cause of impotence. There was still damage to his adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, and other organs. High blood sugar, high insulin, and insulin resistance make you sickly and shorten your life. More and more science shows these to be related to most every illness and disease.

We all know people who do not drink, smoke tobacco, smoke marijuana, use cocaine, avoid all recreational drugs, or even take sleeping pills, but are completely addicted to coffee or energy drinks. Coffee is served at church socials, hospitals, prisons, in the military, mental wards, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and drug addiction centers! Young people now are addicted to energy drinks which are full of sugar (or Sucralose which is even worse). It’s ironic to see people who claim to have no interest in any drug on earth become helpless addicted to caffeine. Make no mistake, this is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant drug. The energy drink business alone is now over a billion dollars a year.

Often you will see propaganda for coffee published in top medical journals posing as science. When you read the full text study, however, there is nearly always a legal disclaimer that this has been bought and paid for by the American Coffee Council or some other group. These pseudo-studies claim that coffee has many “health benefits”, is full of powerful antioxidants, and other such nonsense. .
You’ll see newsletter doctors like JulianWhitaker and William Douglass promote coffee as a health tonic!!! Julian runs the Whitaker Wellness Institute, where they serve endless hot coffee every day to their patients. Can you believe that? ”Coffee is not harmful. On the contrary, I consider it to be a health food, and hundreds of studies bear this out” he says. Read the article about him, Dr. Julian Whitaker. Go to and read my10 books and scan all the 300 articles.
You’ll find caffeine not only in coffee and tea, but also in bancha tea, green tea (except decaf), many soft drinks, yerba mate, and guarana. Stay away from caffeine and protect your health. This is an insidious addiction.

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