Breast Cancer (2022)
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Breast Cancer (2022)

One in eight American women will get breast cancer. One in three will get castrated by a hysterectomy. There is absolutely no excuse for this. It is nearly all due to the horrible diet and lifestyle we live. We eat twice the calories we need, twice the protein we need, over 40% saturated fat calories, and 160 pounds of various sugars. Don’t forget nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. Overfed and undernourished. If you look at rural women in Asian countries like China, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam. breast cancer is rare…as is ovarian, uterine, and cervical.

Why write about a pitiful, tattooed psychotic like Angelina Jolie? More proof this is End Times when an obviously insane excuse for a human is held up as a, "role model for women", a, "brave woman", who is an, "inspiration for women around the world", who we should, "applaud" for her "courage" and, “brave decision”. She had both breasts cut off for no good reason at all, and then had both ovaries removed! There was absolutely no reason at all for either surgical assault. Except to make the doctors richer of course. A double masectomy runs about $50,000. She should have had her brain removed. Poor Angelina has been on self-destruct all her life. Out of compassion she should be in a mental hospital. She did not have, "an 87% chance of getting breast cancer". What a lie! This propaganda about the BRAC gene is just that- propaganda. Clinical studies of identical twins (Journal of the American Medical Association July 21, 1993) prove that genetics is only one factor for 2.5% of breast cancer patients. Clinical research on identical twins proves this. What she did was totally and absolutely psychotic. Again, genetics is responsible for less than 3% of breast cancer, as proven in international published studies of identical twins.

The two main causes of female cancer in general are 1) high fat diet, and 2) high estradiol and estrone (and low estriol). In Dr. Robert Kradjian's book, Save Yourself from Breast Cancer, he proves conclusively that saturated animal fat is the real cause of breast cancer. He found in rural Asia overall you rarely find a case of breast or other female cancers. Or prostate cancer in men either. The people there eat about 15% vegetable oils, and almost no saturated animal fat. They eat grains, vegetables, fruits, and fish basically.

Prevention is the key to being healthy and cancer free, not "early detection". An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. Prevention is your best protection. Angelina just had to stop eating meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods. These four foods are the basic cause of breast cancer- saturated animal fat. The internal cause is high estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1). Test your three basic estrogen levels with a ZRT saliva kit for $90 ($55 plus $35). E1 and E2 are lowered by simply taking animal foods out of your diet. You can raise your estriol with $20 estriol cream. Read the article Better Estrogen Levels to learn more.

Folks, the media portrays sick people like Angelina as role models to "inspire" us. Do you see the media message here? Health is based on money, money, money, and more money. Your health depends on prescription drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. You cannot exist without medical doctors. They are gods to be worshipped, and never questioned. For some reason, nearly all women are dependent on medical doctors. After the doctors destroy their lives, ruin their health, and take all their money, they valiantly call themselves, "cancer survivors". Actually they are cancer VICTIMS, and their quality of life goes to zero.

Read the Susan Komen Race for the Cash article. Instead of putting pink ribbons on their SUV, they could quit stuffing bacon cheeseburgers and ice cream down their throats. The American Cancer Society, National Breast Cancer Foundation,, and other such scam organizations just promote allopathic treatment. They refuse to discuss diet, supplements, natural hormone balance and other proven ways to prevent and treat breast cancer. Mammograms and x-rays simply stimulate cancer growth.

Every woman should read Save Yourself from Breast Cancer. It is out of print, but you can get a copy at your local public library from the reference librarian. You can also read Mina Dobic’s book, My Beautiful Life, about her curing ovarian cancer with a macrobiotic diet. No supplements, hormones, exercise, or fasting- just a Japanese macrobiotic diet. Please read my book Natural Health for Women. Print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. An American macrobiotic diet, proven supplements, natural hormone balance, weekly fasting, regular exercise, no Rx drugs, and drop any bad habits. You will not have to worry about cancer, diabetes, heart disease or the other common killers. Treat the very cause of your illness, not cover up the symptoms with allopathy.

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