Bob Young Cures Prostate Cancer at 74 - Cancer free naturally.
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Bob Young Cures Prostate Cancer at 74 - Cancer free naturally.

Bob Young is a blind, black jazz musician who lived in New Jersey. He finally died at 82, which is rare for black American men. He called me after hearing the Beta Prostate® radio show. He had prostate cancer, and did not want to take toxic drugs, get radiation, or have surgery. He did not want to simply sit around and die ("watchful waiting" is the medical term). He would rather go peacefully with dignity. Remember the average American black man only lives about 70 years on the average, and he was 72 at the time. Bob was willing to take meat, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy foods out of his life. He was also willing to stop eating tropical foods (like mangoes and bananas), Nightshade foods (like potatoes and tomatoes), and refined foods (like white bread and white pasta).

We talked on the phone since he couldn't see. Bob wanted to take all 20 of the supplements recommended in The Natural Prostate Cure (one of his helpers read him the book over a period of weeks), but couldn't afford them all. So, we saw that he got them for free. Read the Serious Supplement Program article.

His hormones were in pretty good shape, so he only took pregnenolone, melatonin, DHEA, and used the progesterone cream. He had a surprisingly high testosterone level (75 on the ZRT scale) and didn't really need to supplement that. Yes, testosterone is GOOD for prostate health, and a youthful level will help cure BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer.

The medical doctor he was seeing was supportive of his program. The doctor agreed it could only help him to eat healthy natural foods, and this certainly could extend his lifespan. Of course he did not believe in any way that Bob was going to cure his cancer this way.  It took awhile for him to completely give up certain favorite foods like chicken wings, but he did it. He didn't eat much anyway at his age, so it was pretty easy to eat well. He had always liked natural whole foods, so he enjoyed his new diet very much.

Every month Bob FELT better. He knew he was getting well by how he FELT. He now simply felt good, and felt better all the time. He did bother to take any more diagnostic tests, and didn't have his PSA checked after learning what an inaccurate test this is. He learned that biopsies are never good, so he got an expensive MRI ordered after about 18 months. He was about 95% cured and there was no evidence of cancer or tumors anymore. After about six more months he got an inexpensive sonogram and knew he was completely cured. He lived another ten GOOD years and beat the statistical odds by about 12 years. Most men cure their prostate cancer within a year following this program. It took Bob longer because of his advanced age. We agreed that a few drinks of scotch and water were psychologically good for him. Alcohol has been shown to be a minor factor in prostate disease, although it certainly is a major factor in many other illnesses.  Remember that he cannot watch TV, read books, surf the Internet, or even take a walk (he has no guide dog) when he wants.

If a poor, blind, elderly, black musician can cure "incurable" cancer naturally, then why can't anyone? You can also cure diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, hepatitis, and the other epidemic illnesses we suffer from. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, "character is destiny". Bob certainly had a lot of character. That's why he was alive and healthy until 84, and died peacefully in his sleep.

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