Beta Glucan is Powerful
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Beta Glucan is Powerful

For those of you who have not read my booklet What Is Beta Glucan?, you can read it for free at This is the only real book on beta glucan in the world. It is completely documented with published, international clinical studies. These studies go back over 40 years. Very simply, this is THE most powerful immune enhancer known to science, either prescription or non-prescription. That includes the medical hoax interferon alpha. Nothing does more to boost your immune system than this extract of oats, barley, yeast, or mushrooms. 90% of our immunity comes from our digestive system. Read Good Digestion to learn how to have a strong digestive system. Brewers yeast is the most economical source. (All glucans are basically the same, as long as they have the 1,3 configuration.) It also helps lower blood fats, helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels, has anti-tumor activity, and even powerful topical value for skin problems. Now we have water soluble glucan for such natural therapy as eye drops. You already eat beta glucan every day, only not enough to help you. It is only in the last few years that technology has allowed us to make powerful and inexpensive beta glucan supplements. You will see many beta glucan products out there. Most of them are weak and very over-priced, with ridiculous claims about why theirs is the "best" or the "most effective". Adults, children, and pets should all take beta glucan. Compare prices and quantity, read the label, and make sure it states how much actual beta glucan and not "extract". We offer a two month supply of 400 mg for $10.95. No one else does this.

Our rates of blood sugar disorders, insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and diabetes are epidemic in this country. One in three American children will grow up diabetic. Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure to learn how to cure this naturally. "Insulin resistance" is the most prominent of these conditions. Here, we secrete high levels of insulin, because our cells are just not responding to it properly. This can be prevented and cured with a macrobiotic, whole grain based diet, proven supplements, exercise, hormone balance, and taking beta glucan. A study was recently published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol. 55, 2001) from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Real humans were given oral beta glucan supplements along with their regular meals. Very sophisticated tests were done to monitor their blood sugar, insulin, fatty acids, and other parameters. In only three days insulin levels fell an amazing 26% because the cells were responding more efficiently to the normal production of insulin! Glucose levels dropped a dramatic 12%. This means if you had a high glucose level of 100 that three days later it would drop down to a normal level of 88. Taking this is very important to avoid blood sugar and insulin disorders, or treating ones you already suffer from.

Beta glucan has dramatic effects on our cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well. Two hundred and sixty-eight men and women with high cholesterol were given oat beta glucan. This study is from the Chicago Center for Clinical Research (Journal of Nutrition v 133, 2003). “Results of this randomized, double-blind trial demonstrate that subjects with mild to  moderate hypercholestemia can reduce their LDL and total cholesterol levels by consuming a group of phytosterol and beta glucan containing foods as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.” Be sure to take 300 mg of beta sitosterol  with it. This is real life evidence we don’t need expensive, toxic, dangerous statin drugs to lower blood fats. Maastrict University has done wonderful re-search here. In this same journal (v 137, 2007), men and women with high cholesterol were given muesli with oat glucans in a randomized, controlled, crossover study for only 4 weeks. “Intake of food products rich in beta glucan lowered serum cholesterol.” They further said, “Beta glucan muesli decreased serum LDL cholesterol and increased bile acid synthesis and decreased cholesterol absorption.

Beta glucan has actually been studied for its anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects in lab animals where tremendous potential has been shown. Now real human studies have verified the 40 years of  animal studies. Human cancer patients were given Grifola beta glucan at Kobe University (Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin v 25, 2002). Their macrophage and NK cell activity rose, among other positive cancer  fighting factors. The patients did much better than the ones who did not take the beta glucan. Clearly we need to use this as a standard course of  cancer treatment. Older women with advanced breast cancer at Istanbul University (International Immunopharmacology v 7, 2007) were given beta glucan. It was concluded, “Beta glucan administration seems to stimulate proliferation and activation of peripheral blood monocytes in patients with advanced breast cancer.” The control group just got worse of course. At Roger Williams Hospital in Rhode Island, (Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research v 27, 2008) people with advanced malignancies were being treated with radiation. They were given beta glucan to help mitigate the damage from this procedure. “Beta glucan is well tolerated in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, may have beneficial effect on hematoposesis in these patients, and should be studied further, especially in patients with chronic lymphocyle leukemia and lymphoma.”

Aside from all these impressive effects, beta glucan also has dramatic effects when applied topically in a cream. We offer the only real 1% beta glucan cream for $11.95.  The few other companies that offer it won't even tell you how much beta glucan is in their creams. We also offer  Miraculous Cream® with 0.5% beta glucan and seven other active ingredients. Beta glucan is also in our Hair Again® hair growth gel.

In 2021 water soluble beta glucan is available, but very expensive ($800 kg). It is known as sodium carboxyl methyl beta glucan. This is a huge breakthrough, as regular glucan is not water soluble at all. This means you can make eyedrops, mouthwash, douches, scalp treatments, and other such things. Eyedrops are already selling in Europe. This will open a whole new vista in beta glucan therapy.

If you just eat a small bowl of oatmeal (or barley) three times a week you'll get GRAMS of beta glucan. You won't need a supplement. People of all ages (and their pets) should take beta glucan to keep their immunity strong.

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