Allen Green Cured Diabetes - Allen cured his diabetes naturally with d
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Allen Green Cured Diabetes - Allen cured his diabetes naturally with diet and supplements.

Any doctor in the world will tell you very clearly that diabetes cannot be cured, and powerful, dangerous medications can only control some of the symptoms. One in three American children born today will end up with type 2 diabetes. A stock broker in Ypsilanti, MI called and said he had just been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 56. He had a blood sugar reading of 190- which is over twice what it should be. He also was very overweight, had a cholesterol level of 277, and triglycerides at 332. He was not looking for a quick fix or a Magic Supplement; Allen knew he had to change his life. He read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone and started making better food choices. He started eating whole grain cold cereal and soy milk for breakfast, instead of bacon and eggs. He took his lunch to work, instead of calling out for fast food. He ate sensible dinners with brown rice, fresh vegetables, beans, seafood, soup, salad, and whole grain bread. He wasn't a vegetarian, and did eat lean meat and chicken in small portions occasionally. He should have stopped all meat and poultry of course. Due to his diabetes he stopped eating all fruit, fruit juice, dried fruit, honey, maple syrup, molasses, stevia, sucralose, or anything else sweet. Sugar is sugar no matter how "natural", and diabetics simply cannot metabolize sugars. Read the article Sugar is Sugar. Diabetics cannot eat sweets of any kind until they are well, and that includes fruit and fruit juice.

He took the twenty proven supplements described in my books. He tested his DHEA and testosterone with an inexpensive ZRT saliva kit, and found they were low. He took 25 mg of DHEA and used 3 mg of natural transdermal testosterone in DMSO. Three months later he checked them again to see that he was taking the right doses. He took melatonin and pregnenolone. He tested his free T3 and T4 thyroid homones. He used progesterone cream.

In less than six months he had lost more than 20 pounds WITHOUT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT OR GOING HUNGRY. He ate all he wanted and never went hungry. He did this by  making better food choices. He could not fast at first, unfortunately, because diabetics cannot go without food for very long. However, after only 60 days he found he could comfortably fast for 24 hours.

He also joined the local gym and started to get some exercise since he had an office job. Exercise is essential for any blood sugar condition. He started to look much better now as well as feel better. And he felt better all the time. His cholesterol fell to 222 and is still falling. Total cholesterol should be about 150. His triglycerides fell to only 101. Triglycerides should be under 100. Most important, his blood glucose was now back to normal levels. Your blood sugar should be 85 or less regardless of what the medical profession says. 85 or less is the magic number. He could have also tested his insulin directly as well as his GTT, and HbA1c, but really didn't need to.

He went back to his doctor and told him he was now cured of diabetes thru diet, supplements, hormones, and exercise. His doctor looked at him and said, "impossible". He then gave Allen a blood test right in the office and found his blood glucose now to be in the normal range. He called in the nurse and told her Allen had cured diabetes. He wrote down all the supplements he took and asked him about his diet. Allen is a HAPPY MAN! He is really a happy man now because he was his own doctor and cured himself. Now he will live a long, healthy, full rich life, instead of dying a terrible premature and very unnecessary and agonizing death from diabetes.

Folks, how many of you out there have pre-diabetes or diabetes and would like to CURE it and get off medications? If you suspect insulin resistance just get a simply inexpensive glucose tolerance test (GTT) to find out. You want to be 20 points under the "medical standard". If the doctor says 120, then you want 100. Less than 10% of people have type 1 diabetes where they do not produce enough insulin. Type 1 cannot be cured since the pancreas isn’t operant. Pancreas transplants and beta cell implants just do not work. However, you can make very dramatic improvements with type 1 and lessen the amount of insulin you need every day. You can improve the quality of your life greatly even without a pancreas. Please read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. As long as you have an intact pancreas you can do it. This is the most researched and comprehensive book on diabetes in the world. Are you willing to change your diet and lifestyle? You can do it; you can be free of this awful affliction. Both FAT and SUGARS are the basic causes of diabetes and insulin resistance, as are refined grains like white flour. Lack of nutrition is another major factor especially lack of minerals. Obesity and lack of exercise are basic here. Whole grains help cure diabetes and insulin resistance, which proves the "glycemic index" and Paleolithic crowd are all nuts. Your fasting blood sugar should be 85 or less, not 100 or less as the doctor will tell you.


This is an epidemic we can both prevent and cure. As always, diet and lifestyle are the answer. We don't want to see 1 in 3 American children grow up to be diabetic.

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