Affirmative Prayer
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Affirmative Prayer

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. Jesus said that 2,000 years ago.

How would you like to have everything you really want in your heart and soul? Everyone you meet wants things they do not have. Our dreams are meant to lead us to a higher consciousness and better life, not to frustrate us. You can have every good thing you want, if you merely have faith in your dream. You do not have to be religious to pray. Affirmative prayer is scientific prayer. You do not have to believe in “God” to pray. You can be religious, or not religious, to pray successfully. Prayer is not beseeching some Celestial Being in the sky. The very idea of some anthropomorphic (in human form) being ruling the universe is infantile. “God” is the Universal Ground of Being, far, far beyond our understanding and comprehension. All this can be EXPERIENCED by you though..

Prayer is faith. What is faith? Faith is trust in the unknown. This universe is created, preserved, and destroyed by an Infinite Intelligence. When you have faith and trust in the Infinite Ground of Being (“God”) you are rewarded. Faith is the opposite of hope. Hope is for dopes, and the last refuge of fools. Faith will move mountains. Jesus spoke about faith quite a bit in the New Testament.  The real meaning of belief is strong faith, not rigid dogma. When you say “believe”, use that word as meaning strong faith. Jesus said, “Believe in these things, and ye shall have them.” He also said, “With men these things are not possible, but with God, all things are possible.” It is done unto you as you believe. St. Mark said, “Everything is possible to one who has faith.” You don’t have to be a Christian to read the New Testament. Jesus was a spiritual teacher, and the New Testament is full of wisdom. The Buddhist sutras and Hindu writings are also full of wisdom. There are many non-religious references to faith. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “man is what he thinks all day long.” Psychologist William James said, “the power to move the world is in your subconscious mind.” As within, so without. Faith can, and will, move mountains. According to your faith it is done unto you. Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray  believe you receive them, and you shall have them. Yes, you can have every good thing you really seriously want.

The best writing on affirmative prayer is by Joseph Murphy. He wrote over thirty such books, including The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. You can look up his name on, or in your local library. Tony Robbins, and other modern self realization teachers, have been very influenced by him. Tony used to ask people what they were missing in their lives. Then he asked why they were missing these things in their lives. What are you missing in your life?

Why don’t you have these things? Why don’t you have what you want? What is preventing you from having what you want? Design your life as you want it. Yes, you do have that ability. You really are the captain or your soul, and the master of your fate. Look around you. Do you love it? Do you hate it? There it is the way you made it! We have the tremendous power to choose what we want in life. Ask for Divine Guidance in life. Choose happiness and fulfillment. Choose health and affluence. Choose love and harmony. Choose to be a blessing to this world. Choose to make the world a better place from your life and your work. There is no better definition of success. Guide your life by what Heraclitus said 2,000 years ago. Character is destiny. Character is your fate.

You are what you think all day long. If you keep saying, “I can’t do it”, then you never will do it. If you keep saying, “I can do it”, then you will do it. Change your thoughts, and you change  your very destiny. Whatever your conscious mind declares and affirms, your subconscious mind will bring to pass. Yes, you can have whatever material things you realistically want. You deserve to live a comfortable and happy lifestyle, and certainly can. More importantly, you can have whatever non-material things your heart wants.  Do you want to find a wife or husband? You can find your ideal mate. Do you want a better job or profession? You can find the job you need. Do you have an addiction to anything? You can overcome it. Do you want good health? Then claim it. The universe always has an answer for you. The universe always has the right answer for you. What you need is far more important than merely what you want on the surface. You can't always get what you merely want, but you can always get what you really need. We often want the wrong things. Pray for what you need, rather than merely what you think you want. The Infinite Wisdom has a much better plan for you. You have a right to health, happiness, affluence, and all good things. You have the freedom to choose. Choose the good things, the right things, the spiritual things. There is always an answer to all your needs, all your problems. Depend on the Infinite Wisdom, rather than your own limited, thinking mind. Declare and affirm what you need, and it will come to you. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains.

Yes, you can have health, freedom, abundance, wisdom, peace, success, joy, love, inner light, harmony, faith, trust, strength, confidence courage, depth, inspiration, creativity, prosperity and all other good things on this earth. Our dreams are meant to lead us to higher spiritual realms.

Avoid asking for a specific thing. Ask that the Universal Intelligence guide you to exactly what is best for you. For example, don’t ask that you get a job at the Smith Company. Ask that you get the right job for both you and for the company. There will be better jobs you will be divinely led to. Don’t ask to marry a certain man or woman. Ask that the Universal Wisdom find the ideal mate for you. Divine guidance is always available to use, if we will just accept it. As you become more open, you will find the universe talks to you. That’s right, the universe will guide you at all times if you just become quiet and listen.  Just be quiet and listen, and you  will always get Divine Direction. Just pay attention. You will get “signs” regularly. The secret is to quiet your thinking human mind, and accept the higher spiritual wisdom and intelligence. Everything that happens to you is exactly what you need to experience at that time. There are no mistakes in the universe. Whatever is happening to you right now is exactly what you need to experience. If you reject it, it will happen to you again and again, until you learn the lesson you need to learn. Everything is exactly the way it should be, or it would be another way. Always remember that everything you see and experience is exactly what it should be, or it would be another way. Every experience in our lives is exactly what we need to experience and learn from at that moment. The universe is always perfect. Nothing happens by chance. This is a world of universal order and universal laws. There are no mistakes.

Wouldn’t you like to fulfill your innermost desires? Aren’t you tired of not having what you really need deep in your heart? You can live a life of fulfillment and abundance. You can live a life where you are overflowing with blessings, rather than living in lack and deprivation.

Yes, you can design your life like an artist. The universe is more beautiful, wonderful, fulfilling, glorious, and just than your most fondest dreams. You were not given desires to frustrate you, and cause you to feel unfulfilled. You were given desires to lead you to a higher consciousness and deeper awareness, to be happy and fulfilled. Worry, fear, anxiety, and depression don’t have to be a part of your life. The power of the universe is within all of us. We are not weak, frail, fallible human beings. We are powerful spiritual beings, and are one with the universe. All the powers of existence are within you.

Addictions may be the hardest of all conditions to cure. Drug, alcohol, sex, and gambling addictions are almost impossible to cure with medical and clinical treatments. They can be cured with affirmative prayer. It won’t happen overnight, but the progress will be obvious every month. Addictions will become mere dependencies. The dependencies will finally be overcome, and you’ll be free again.

Get a book by Joseph Murphy, or another author who writes about affirmative prayer. You can Google "Joseph Murphy free downloads" and read his books for free. There are lots of free Murphy books on the Internet. Change your life and your very destiny. Life is a brief flash of light in the cosmos. Enjoy it as much as possible. We are only on earth a very short while, so make the most of it. You can enjoy a life beyond your fondest dreams if you will just submit to the Infinite. Not my will be done, but thy will be done. Type in “Dr. Joseph Murphy free videos” on Google. You can buy them on amazon. You will find FREE videos. You can also just get his books from your local library. Use their refence lending library if you need to.

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