Hormone Test Kits (Saliva) from ZRT Lab

You get a two hormone kit with a prepaid mailer by UPS. Outside of the U.S. you must pay UPS or Fed Ex to send your sample to Oregon. You can test DHEA, testosterone, cortisol, estradiol, estrone, or estriol. (We don't suggest saliva for progesterone testing.) Add-ons are only $35. If you live in California, Maryland, or New York you cannot use your own address. You must use the address of a friend in another state.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please do not use the enclosed prepaid mailer to send your saliva sample to the lab in Oregon. It is for US residents only. You will need to pay your own air mail postage from your country.

We have the lowest prices in the world on hormone testing. Test your hormones for only $35 each, and $35 for add-ons. The retail for a 2 hormone kit is $100, but our price is only $70. The retail for add-ons is $50, but our price is only $35. You can test DHEA,testosterone, cortisol, estradiol, estrone, and estriol (we don't suggest saliva for progesterone testing). You even get a prepaid mailer (for U.S. citizens only). Residents of California, Maryland, and New York cannot use these, but they can use the address of a friend in another state. Customers in countries outside of the U.S. can use these and send them to Oregon at their own expense. We make no money on these kits, and they are offered as a public service. ZRT has been very generous in offering us these special prices. You must read the article Balance Your Hormones at www.youngagain.org before ordering a kit so you will know what you're doing.

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