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Young Again® is the only website dedicated to “preaching the gospel of natural health.” We show people how to get well naturally with diet and lifestyle. We’re devoted to promoting natural health and healing through diet, supplements, hormones, fasting, exercise, dropping bad habits and general holistic lifestyle.

Please take advantage of our free weekly e-newsletter (not an ad!). You’ll find it informative, funny, irreverent.

You are invited to our free library at www.youngagain.org. Here you will find Roger’s 10 books and over 150 articles. His books include The Natural Diabetes Cure, The Natural Prostate Cure, Natural Health for Women, Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs, What Is Beta Glucan?, Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs, The Minerals You Need, Macrobiotics for Everyone, The Supplements You Need, and Testosterone Is Your Friend. You get a free copy of any book with your order.

Our sermon here is to get well naturally, be your own doctor and take responsibility for your health. Roger is a “non-doctor” with “non-patients”. 

This website is about extensive research and accurate information. It is not about money, self-aggrandizement or the author himself. Instead of looking for credentials and degrees please look at yourself and take responsibility for your own healing.

The World's Best Supplements at some of the World's Best Prices

Young Again® only offers safe, effective natural supplements. We refuse to sell useless promotional products such as lycopene, resveratrol, chondroitin, homeopathics, saw palmetto, maca, MSM, ubiquinol, GH secretagogues, or any weight loss or male virility products. No one else exposes these frauds in the natural health industry but us. Young Again® is a calling, not a for-profit business. We’re here to make you healthy, not take your money.

Take responsibility for your own health.

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